Thank you so much for coming to Desert Valley and presenting your books and the publishing process.  The students and teachers enjoyed it immensely!
Debbie Fransen, Desert Valley Librarian, Glendale, AZ

The kids had a blast and I had many positive comments from teachers. The kids are fighting over who gets to check your books out first!
Stephanie Smith, Librarian, Apache Elementary, Peoria, AZ

Best assembly we’ve ever had! I learned a lot!
Kindergarten teacher, Pioneer Elementary, Brentwood, CA

Well, you certainly made quite an impression on students at Canyon Rim!
Sue Wahlund, Librarian, Canyon Rim Elementary, Mesa, AZ

Our students really enjoyed your presentation, books, and energy. A kindergartner whose mom bought a book for her and you signed it right away, was so excited about her book that she made you what she called a ‘thank you note.’
Angie Murbach, Librarian, Pioneer Elementary, Glendale, AZ

We  want you to know how much we appreciated your sharing your writing expertise and your story-telling talents.  Our students enjoyed your visit very much.
Marcie McDonald, Principal & Rose Ballard, Assistant Principal
C.P. Squires Elementary, North Las Vegas

I have to tell you that Kevin’s presentation was the best one I’ve seen to date. It has always been good but it seems that with time and experience he has transformed a presentation into a laboratory for learning how to get published. Seriously, the teachers were all commenting on how well he engaged the students and how much they got from the program. I had one of my Gate kids come back and tell me he is going to start writing his science fiction stories now that he knows something about the process. The effect of such a program is incalculable.
Kevin P Lord, Gate Specialist, Hayes and Fyfe Elementary Schools

Deputy Dorkface is an excellent challenging read for our primary grade students and has been a fun recreational read for intermediate students.
Dr. Mike Rodrigues, Principal, McDoniel Elementary

Thank you so much for the fun you brought to our students!!
Christy Condrin, Garin Elementary, Brentwood, CA

Thanks again for getting the kids excited about reading and writing. The teachers and students have said so many great things about the assembly today and I just wanted to pass it on. Thanks for giving back to the community!
Tiffany Lewis, Media Specialist, Marshall Darnell Elem.

Thank you for your presentation on November 18 as part of Library Tree Lane 2011. When you talk about why and what and how you write, you exude energy and generate enthusiasm. The fact that you hold the attention of both children and adults attests to the genuineness of both your character and craft. The afternoon of the 18th, I asked you to sign Deputy Dorkface’s Stinkville story with the line “Welcome, Bradie!” The birth of Bradie, my first great-great nephew, took place November 23 in Texas, and yesterday, I mailed the autographed book and a DD t-shirt to him. Over time, he will grow into the story and shirt. Here’s the beginning of Deputy Dorkface in the Lone Star state. Again, thank you for the 18th as well as your past appearances with us. You will receive a formal thank-you letter from the Library Tree Lane Committee in December.
Kathy Hug, LTL Communications, Friends of Henderson Libraries

Mr. Janison,
Thank you for your wonderful book presentation. You impressed all of us with your ability to keep our kids thoroughly engaged throughout your presentation.
Mrs. Brown, Vanderburg ElementaryHenderson, Nevada

Thank you Kevin! Your assemblies were a hit! Our Foxes are still buzzing about you J. Please put Farmdale on your list of schools to visit again, and safe journeys to wherever your books may lead you …
Kathy Moser, Principal, Farmdale Elementary, Merced, CA

Our students and teachers had a blast at your assemblies!
Diana Lessard, Marsh Creek Elementary, Brentwood, CA

Thank you so much for visiting us at Sue Morrow Elementary School. We really enjoyed hearing you talk about your books and the creative process.  Your books have been flying off the shelves in the library since you left!
Alison Grant, Librarian, Sue Morrow ElementaryHenderson, NV

Thank you, Kevin, for coming to Coral Canyon Elementary. Your presentation was awesome and enjoyed by everyone! What a neat thing you are doing to promote reading.
Mrs. G, Media Center Librarian and Mrs. Robyn Bishop, Principal, Coral Canyon Elementary, Washington, Utah

Dear Mr. Janison,
Thank you so much for coming to Painted Sky to kick off our book fair. My 1st graders loved the assembly and haven’t stopped talking about your books. Many of them purchased them that night. You are such a great presenter, too. Not many people can hold the attention of that many kids at the end of a day with the excitement you brought out in them.
Thanks, again.
Mrs. Gruensfelder, Painted Sky ElementaryOro Valley, Arizona

Dear Kevin,
Thank you so much for coming to our school. Both the children and teachers thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. You were even the topic of conversation at my dinner table tonight. My 5-year-old daughter really enjoyed Stinky Town. My 8-year-old thought the horse cannon balling into the pond was hysterical. Thank you again for spending the time and energy on making this a great assembly. We hope to have you visit us again next year when your new book comes out.
Jennifer Adams, 2nd Grade Teacher - John Dooley Elementary School, Henderson, NV

Dear Kevin,
I want to thank you for presenting at Vail Pittman for our Literacy Night. You are so lively, entertaining and informative. Our students and their families truly enjoyed their evening.

We appreciate that you were able to take time out of your hectic schedule to come to Pittman. Your books are a favorite at our school and are ALWAYS checked out! Thank you for encouraging the kids in Las Vegas to read and write.
Valerie Fried

It was great having you visit our school.  Students are still talking about the books.  Teachers are reading them in their classes.  4th & 5th grade teachers enjoyed the extra time spent with their classes on writing.  It was just a great afternoon for us.
John Partin, Neutra Elementary, Lemoore, CA

Hi Kevin,
I wanted to thank you again for coming a visiting yesterday. The kids loved you…it has been all I have heard! Would you want to come back next school year after your third book comes out? I am just curious!
Thanks again!
Laura Kimberly, Librarian, Greenbrae Elementary, Sparks, NV

Kevin Jansion during a school visit.

Thanks so much for visiting our school. I have received such great feedback from teachers and students. They loved your presentation.
Doreen Penrose, Librarian, Huffaker Elementary, Reno, NV

Hi Kevin,
Thank you so much for participating as a presenter at our first ever Literacy Night! Parents and teachers were very pleased with your presentation and with the presentations of our students around the school. We hope that you will be available next year to present at Wolff’s Literacy Night again. Thank you, again, and good luck with your hectic schedule this year.
Kate Gilleran, 2nd Grade Teacher
Elise L. Wolff Elementary, Henderson, NV

Thank you so much for coming out to our school today. The kids really enjoyed your presentations. The books are fabulous and we will enjoy reading them in the days to come.
Sandra Tomburo, Literacy Specialist, Eileen Conners Elementary, Las Vegas, NV

Dear Mr. Janison,
Thank you for conducting the recent assemblies at Guy Elementary School. The students (and staff) very much enjoyed listening to the books, as well as hearing the “story behind the story” of the editing and printing processes. Your talent to captivate an audience of hundreds of children is admirable.We wish you the best in future endeavors as an author…we’d love to hear and read more from Deputy Dorkface!
Diane Lewis, Principal


I wanted to write to thank you again for taking time out of your hectic schedule to come to read to the students at Crestwood.

As budgets tighten and “extras” are trimmed out the need for quality, low cost assemblies increase. From my experience with researching and setting up assemblies, I know that the cost of the assemblies that you gave today would have been between $500 and $1,000. The fact that you do this for free for hundreds of schools around the valley is really remarkable and a testimony to your dedication to the youth in the Las Vegas Valley.

You’ve really gone above and beyond the average guest reader. Your presentation incorporated several factors that are key for students to hear. It showed where authors get their ideas, in your case a bedtime story for your children. You emphasized that writing is a process and that you need to put a lot of effort into it in order to produce a quality product. Finally, you demonstrated for them a real passion for your craft and offered yourself as a role model that they would want to emulate.

Once again, thank you for your time, resources and talent, all of which are priceless.
Emma Perkins, Title One Site Contact, Clark County School District, Crestwood Elementary, Las Vegas, NV

Dear Kevin Janison,
Thank you for coming to our school. I really liked your book, it is very funny. It also makes me very hungry for some candy. My favorite character was Brownie the dog. I liked him because he always wanted pie. I like both of your books. My favorite book is How Stinkville Got Cleaned Up. Your ideas are great. I think that the writing is great. The pictures make me really want to write even more! I also like the horses and how they are made. Your writing makes my imagination run wild. Thanks again for coming to our school. I like both of your books.
Isai, Jara, Nathan, JJ, Chase, Richard, Elizabeth, George, Ulises, Kenny, Damaris, Analti, Noe, Ivy, Isabel, Christine, and Austin, Wasden Elementary School students

Deputy Dorkface is bright and fun and promises to capture the imagination of more than a few youngsters who may have been reluctant to read in the past.
Young Voice Foundation

Dear Kevin Janison,
Thank you for reading to us. I really like your new book, Deputy Dorkface: How Sugaropolis Got Dessert Back. It is funny and great. Plus I liked seeing myself on T.V. It was awesome. Once again thank you for reading to us.
Ivy, Elizabeth, Chase, Richard, Christine, Analti, Ulises, Kenny, George, Jara, Damaris, Starr, JJ, Nathan, Isabel, Isai, Austin, and Noe, Wasden Elementary School students

Children eagerly join [author Kevin Janison] in yelling “PEE-UUUUU” at certain stench-laden junctures in the story.
Dave Clark, Summerlin News

Dear Kevin Janison,
We think your books are really funny. You’re really nice, you’re also really cool. We liked it when you came. Deputy Dorkface books are really funny because it’s about kids being kids – it’s also about chocolate and you know kids love chocolate.
Kenny, Chase, Austin, Isabel, Nathan, JJ, Jara, Elizabeth, Isai, Ivy, Richard, Analti, George, Ulises, Damaris, and Christine, Wasden Elementary School students

It taught a lesson like it was supposed to and had engaging characters and illustrations.
Sheila Scarborough, 1st Grade Teacher, Lummis Elementary School, Las Vegas

My kids love this book! The story is very funny (even better if done with the proper emphasis on the P-U’s, etc.) and the illustrations make the story. A great way to get the kids to take a bath before they go to bed. I would highly recommend this book to anyone with kids under the age of 10.
Alaska Rodeo

Thank you – everyone enjoyed your presentation; students and teachers. I appreciate your willingness to come to our school and your enthusiasm that you showed. You were one of our best presenters! Best of wishes this year to you!
Michael Lomeli, Vice Principal – Pioneer School, Merced, CA

We really enjoyed your visit here! The kids are very excited about your books. A 4th grade girl told me yesterday that she went home and wrote a story after your presentation!
Carla Wandelt, Librarian -Stetson Hills Elementary, Phoenix, AZ

Thank you!!! I had so many teachers and students tell me that they were very impressed and that they really enjoyed your presentation.
Sheila Romero, Librarian- Greenbrier Elementary, Glendale, AZ

This is the time of year when all we hear from kids is, “I want,” or “It’s mine!” When lack of sleep and lots of sugarplums puts boys and girls on the naughty – not nice – list. So I thought it would be a good time to find a story that would remind the little tykes that good manners do NOT take a holiday!

Deputy Dorkface: How Mannerland Got its Manners Back was the perfect choice; a colorful, entertaining story with a message that even the most challenging of children can understand, and one that parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles can enjoy reading with them. Author Kevin Janison knows what makes kids tick, and from what I can see, kids really relate to the Deputy.

Thanks to Deputy Dorkface, the “M” in Manners – and Merry Christmas – is making a comeback!
Five Star Review,

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